Monday, 6 July 2015

Confidence without makeup

My story:

I was talking to a friend a little while ago about the topic of "appearances" and "makeup"which got me thinking a lot since then. I wasn't aware at the time that I had such a strong view about it all...
I started trying out makeup by sneaking into my mum's room and testing out her lipsticks and eyeshadows, I can't recall her ever minding me doing this so I guess it was never something that i wasn't allowed to do. I'm aware that some parents/people frown on children for wearing makeup- but heck, I wasn't doing it to look good, I just wanted a slice of that bright eyeshadow and from what I can remember, I enjoyed it. 
Since then, somewhere along the line I must have replaced my original reasoning for wearing makeup. Around year 10 or 11 when I'd have been about 15, I can remember waking up about 45 minutes early every day just to put on makeup. I didn't even enjoy it, I'd sit there thinking "Oh I really can't be asked for this". 

And the sad part, it wasn't even for me. I had genuine self-confidence issues and thought that people would stare at me and wouldn't want to talk to me if I hadn't got makeup on. I thought that wearing makeup made me more feminine.

About a year and a half on I can say that I do not give a flying shit if I walked out of the door without makeup, i'll go to a party without makeup, i'll go to college without makeup..

We, us girls, boys, people should not be ashamed of our natural selves. How on earth did naturalness become something to be afraid of? We all see friends without makeup and think nothing of it, and truthfully that's most likely how people will respond to us without makeup too. 
But heck, I have some days when I wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror and think "Bloody hell I look awful" But don't we all?

But on the other hand, if putting on makeup makes you happy, do it. If it's your way of expressing yourself, do it. But, read this and acknowledge it because it's important; put makeup on for you, and only you.

Makeup does not define who you are. 
I don't mean to offend anyone who wears makeup, because I still do. But I do it for me, sod everyone else.

Alisha x

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