Sunday, 20 December 2015

December wishlist

After spending a lot of time commuting through central Cambridge every weekday I have become a hawk of sorts, eyeing up Zara's stock on an almost daily basis. That being said; I have comprised a wishlist of 5 item's I am idolizing right now. The first checked coat is just gorgeous. It reminds me of the sort of tweed jacket my dad would wear out on walks; maybe that's why I love it, the classic cut and earthy tones make it a winner for me. For a while now I have been hunting for the perfect pair of cigarette trousers. Now I must admit it's unusual for me to wear anything other than jeans so I do find the whole trouser thing a little odd; when I try them on I'm stood there glaring at them like 'is my bum supposed to look this baggy or?' I'm still yet to try a Topshop pair though so not all hope is lost. I hadn't seen this blouse until searching on the website, it gives me mumzy vibes... though I'm not sure about how I feel about that. Nevertheless I think it would look super chic paired with the trousers and loafers. I'm a huge fan of loafers. Loafers and well, all flat non-trainer shoes seem to despise my feet. I'm loving the tortoise look though, it adds a unique touch to a classic style. Lastly is the funnel neck jumper: it beamed at me in the store and I had to compose myself and say I didn't need it... my heart yearns for it though. I'm sure it'll sneak into my wardrobe sometime soon. 

*the photo's in this post are not mine - source: tumblr.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

To be free

It's December? What on earth. Is it just me or is time flying by really quickly? I feel like I haven't stopped since I've started college again this year. A2 is crunch time for sure. Balancing a-levels and life is difficult, it seems I've ditched my social life in an attempt to buy some time for coursework. I also came to my senses and saw how unimportant social media is. I realised how much time I used to waste scrolling through photos and tweets- and for what? The apps have been banished and I'm happy to say I feel liberated; I don't need it. I have fallen in love with reading again and I urge anyone to assess what's important in life and what isn't. That was a little deep maybe, but I want to have the best chance in life, be educated and appreciate real things. Sometimes I feel like fashion and clothes are materialistic things and I shouldn't be so interested in it. And then I see that I don't perceive clothing like that at all. I believe clothing is an expression, you can't help what clothes you love or hate. Today I saw a girl on my way to college in these massive, bright red fluffy boots; an oversized geometric style coat and a big floppy hat. I would never have picked that outfit out, but let me tell you she rocked the sh*t out of it. That is what's amazing about fashion. It's art. 

Sunnies - Newlook
Scarf - H&M
Denim shirt - Primark
Blouse - Newlook
Jacket - TU
Jeans - River Island
Shoes - Vans

Take care x

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Keeping it simple

Wednesdays are my short days and I finish at 11:15am so grabbed my camera and got a few photos of today's outfit. I recently moved house and have had a lot of college coursework and other good stuff like uni application deadlines going on too so I haven't had time to blog anything for a while. Either way I wanted to style this incredible longline jumper that I bought a few weeks ago. After I got home I debated adding jewellery, a scarf or something to spice it up... and then I realised, this is how I rolled out of my house this morning, this was how I rocked up to college, why change it for my blog? 

I had been eyeing the jumper up for quite some time, wandering in and out of newlook on separate occasions making sure I really liked it before I bought it. I'm not exactly frivolous with my money and am trying to be a little more selfless and ultimately stop buying clothes I won't wear. In the end I obviously caved in and bought it, but it's perfect for the weather and was so happy to snuggle into it this morning. As you can see it is a pretty basic outfit but I'm slowly trying to work out my style, and I like the simple 'threw this on at 7am' kind of look.

Jumper - Newlook
Jacket - Tu
Jeans- River Island
Shoes - Vans