Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Keeping it simple

Wednesdays are my short days and I finish at 11:15am so grabbed my camera and got a few photos of today's outfit. I recently moved house and have had a lot of college coursework and other good stuff like uni application deadlines going on too so I haven't had time to blog anything for a while. Either way I wanted to style this incredible longline jumper that I bought a few weeks ago. After I got home I debated adding jewellery, a scarf or something to spice it up... and then I realised, this is how I rolled out of my house this morning, this was how I rocked up to college, why change it for my blog? 

I had been eyeing the jumper up for quite some time, wandering in and out of newlook on separate occasions making sure I really liked it before I bought it. I'm not exactly frivolous with my money and am trying to be a little more selfless and ultimately stop buying clothes I won't wear. In the end I obviously caved in and bought it, but it's perfect for the weather and was so happy to snuggle into it this morning. As you can see it is a pretty basic outfit but I'm slowly trying to work out my style, and I like the simple 'threw this on at 7am' kind of look.

Jumper - Newlook
Jacket - Tu
Jeans- River Island
Shoes - Vans


  1. Cute look! it's very simple, yet polished and can be dressed up easily for a dinner date, which is always a plus!

  2. This is such a cute look! Your pics are gorgeous! :D