Sunday, 19 July 2015

Beach boho

I only got round to taking two pictures of my outfit while at the beach so I had to slightly improvise and take some more later on.
I am in LOVE with this lace top, it easily gives off a free-spirited vibe, plus it has bell sleeves and lace up a hippy's dream. I put a white cami underneath to cover up the goods as the lace top is very see-through. I paired them with some ripped jeans (gotta love 'em) which seem to add to the carefree look. Everything is from River Island besides my shoes which are from Primark.

On Sundays me and my family nearly always go on an outing of some sorts, the dogs usually come along too. We took a walk up the beach front and let the dogs have a swim and chase the ball and bark..and bark..and bark. After we got annoyed sufficiently by their barking and the high winds (literally what happened) we went back to the car park and ate ice-cream.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but we bought large ice-creams which looking back I slightly regret because I was not feeling fab on the way home; eyes too big for my stomach situation I think...

Lish x


  1. Great post, lovely photos!! I neeeeed those jeans omg! I also love your hair haha xxx

    - nora

    1. Thankyou!! Hahaha they're a staple xx

  2. Great photos dear !

    1. Thankyou!! Love your blog-followed xx