Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Going Vegetarian

Up until a little while ago I didn't see the problem with eating meat - sure I felt a little guilty walking down the frozen isle looking at rows upon rows of meat, but I never really put that much thought into it. My dad is the cook in the house and I guess that made it easier for me to eat meat; I only saw it when it was cooked and put on my plate. 
Back in February/March I came across a girl called Essena O'Neill (you may have heard of her already). She is a vegan and shares her strong beliefs about animal equality and the importance of a plant based diet. I loved animals, yet I was eating them?! From then on I tried reducing the amount of meat intake but it never really amounted to making much difference.
On Saturday the 25th of April I went out food shopping with my mum and dad. By this time I was feeling extremely guilty about buying meat and was more interested in the pomegranate fruit that I had found. On the way home we drove past a field full of pigs and their tin pens. I can remember smiling because it's so picturesque looking at them just minding their own business. Then the penny suddenly dropped. These innocent animals were going to be slaughtered, for meat, for me to eat. I decided there and then that I would not eat meat anymore. I quite honestly don't think its fair. Animals deserve to live as much as humans do- what made humans so powerful? 
I spoke to somebody the other day about my vegetarianism and he said "yes but we have been eating meat for years and years, its normal"......."normal"......
In this day and age there are great alternatives to meat, back in the 18th century people didn't have the choice, but it's the 21st century. We have the choice!!
This is just my view and reasoning, I do not judge people that do eat meat.
I feel that animal equality is extremely important and want to spread the word.
Alisha x

I woke up wanting to write this morning.

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