Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Kinda windy kinda warm

My style is quite casual and comfortable. I used to be obsessed with really tight fitting jeans, the super high waisted ones from Topshop that I also thought looked great with tight crop tops... oh no. I've actually realized that there is a LOT more comfort when you wear mid-rise/low-rise jeans because you don't feel the need to unbutton them when you've eaten too much at a restaurant (we have all done it before). 


 Green floral shirt: River Island
Grey long-sleeve top: Topshop
Jeans: No idea/DIY

 Shoes: Vans
Anklets: DIY

 Sunglasses: Accessorize
Choker: DIY
Jacket: Dorothy Perkins

I paired this shirt over a long sleeved crop top, it was a good alternative to a cardigan actually as it meant I didn't have to cover up the floral print. The jeans were my mums old flares, she was going to throw them out a while ago but I  liked the colour of them. I must admit I was really quite shocked when the sewing that I did turned out into a really cool pair of new jeans (My upcycling on clothing isn't my strongest point) Also, I do not recommend wearing vans without socks, I must admit that when I first bought them they almost shredded my heel, just a tip..
Have a fabulous day!

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